Providing an Atmosphere of Hope

Alpha Recovery Center provides help for individuals in the Lawrence and Topeka communities struggling with addiction and the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

We specialize in Individual Counseling. Entering treatment can be a difficult decision to make. Even thought there can be positive outcomes by sharing in a group setting, many find individual counseling a more effective way of moving toward in a life of wholeness. One of the best things about Individual Counseling is that it allows for flexibility of scheduling. You are not locked into a specific time and date like Group Therapy.


Alpha Recovery Center is a private agency, licensed by the state of Kansas to provide drug and alcohol evaluations and outpatient counseling services.

We are also certified by the Douglas County courts to provide AISC (Alcohol and drug information awareness class) evaluations and education services.

Among the services provided by Alpha Recovery Center:

  • Court-ordered drug and alcohol evaluations.
  • Level-one education programs¬†(Eight hours of group counseling).
  • Level-two education programs¬†(Twelve hours of both group and individual counseling).
  • Individual counseling as needed.
  • Referrals to outside agencies as needed.
  • Intervention counseling services.

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